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Mini SQL Query is a minimalist SQL query tool for multiple databases (MSSQL, MSSQL CE, SQLite, OLEDB, MS Access/Excel files etc).

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Make sure you read the Documentation for an introduction

The SQLite Release

See Mini SQL Query v1.14.08.22 for a version that included SQLite. This is the main release now :-)

The Latest

Current Stable Release

What is Mini SQL Query

Mini SQL Query Screenshot

Mini SQL Query is "deliberately minimalist". Software too often becomes bloated and less usable while trying to satisfy the 99% of what every user wants. Mini SQL Query aims to satisfy the most common tasks what the average user seeks to achieve, in doing so it keeps the size and complexity of the application to a minimum.

Some Core features:
  • Supports multiple databases** (MSSQL, SQL Compact Edition, MS Access, SQLite, Oracle, OLEDB, SharePoint etc)
  • Integrated text templating system for generating SQL, code or data scripts
  • Syntax highlighting (with printing support)
  • Load and save SQL script files
  • Generic batch support (using the 'GO' keyword but for any DB including SQLite, MSAccess etc)
  • Quick View table data
  • Basic query generation
  • Extensible programming model

** Note that all these types of connections depend on your system configuration **

Note that the target audience for this tool is not developers who tend to only deal with MSSQL, it's geared towards having to hit several different database sources...

Like to get involved? See Setting-up-a-Mini-SQL-Query-Development-Environment.

Originally hosted out of my site - - also see the blog for some info but needs updating!

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