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Wish List

DB Inspector

  • Show Views and Procs (always last)
  • fix update gen
  • Use right datatype (129?)!
  • add a filter to the tables node (use a regex/starts with) - could store in conn info

Export Data

  • Add ability to export from View Table (IContainDataSet)

View Data

  • add context menu to tabs

Query Editor

  • fix "untitled copy name"
  • Add the find ability to the grid
  • support batching? GO...

Conn Edit

  • New from... i.e. "Copy of ..."
  • Test connection with cancel....


  • Add some configurable options (prop grid)!
  • Show "connecting..." window with cancel when refresh is called.
  • Version Check? Do a "download string" on http:..////msq/production-version.txt

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