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Setting up a Mini SQL Query Development Environment

Mini SQL Query was originally written using the express edition of Visual Studio (this was before it was a single WinForms complete hack of an application).
You should be able to develop in pretty much any IDE including open source ones such as SharpDevelop or the "top end" IDE's such as Team System.
All external dependencies are on other open source software (I make some assumptions on the dev tools, details later).
I have deliberately not used MSTest for the above reasons (MSTest is only available in the VS.NET Pro editions upwards).

Working with the Source Code

If you are only doing local browsing or changes the following doesn't really apply.
To participate in development (such as uploading patches or checking in source code) make sure you are familiar with the use of Subversion and more so the "copy-modify-merge" approach to team based coding (as opposed to "lock-modify-unlock" approach you are probably used to if you have not come across Subversion before.)

Subversion resources:

I good read if you have no idea how (or why) the "copy-modify-merge" approach is "better".

You will need some sort of "SVN client tool", I use "TortoiseSVN" for general repository access/updates and "AnkhSVN" a Visual Studio plug-in to manage the actual project with ease (you can do it all externally to VS but the plug-in saves a lot of messing around).

Fire up a subversion client (such as TortoiseSVN) and "check out" the repository using you codeplex credentials.
If you have issues here you will need to sort the out from a codeplex point of view.

(more to come...)

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