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Doesn't work with Oracle ODP.NET provider


I encountered some issues using ODP.NET provider with the Db Inspector
1: DbModelType.Length needs to be Int64
2: The schema column name in GetDbObjectModel needs to be OWNER rather than TABLE_SCHEMA, also TABLE_TYPE needs to be just TYPE
3: Oracle wants double quotes rather than square brackets so need to override Utility.MakeSqlFriendly and RenderSafeSchemaObjectName
I guess GenericSchemaService needs to be changed to allow TABLE_SCHEMA, TABLE_TYPE and the object name bracket character to be overridden and then a ODPSchemaService derived off it.
I can help if your interested.
Great tool btw

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paulkohler wrote Jan 13, 2011 at 1:37 AM

Hi Jeremy,

My apologies, I only just saw this one - must have missed the alert!

I have not been able to test the tool with the oracle data provider and the things you mentioned made sense. I actually provide overriding implementations for MSSQL and MSSQL Compact Edition to get around the flaws in the generic provider (and provide proper FK info). If you are able to provide a patch I can apply it - I just lack the environment etc (let alone the time to create one!!)

If I do find (or make) myself an Oracle environment I will give it a go, PK :-)

JezzaT wrote Jan 13, 2011 at 8:26 AM

I was wondering why you hadn't responded.
I've attached the 2 files I've modified to get it query execution working. Needs more work to get the DB Inspector going.

Yeah making an Oracle environment is a bit of an investment. If you get keen start with, you'll need an account on the website.
Alternatively I'll be happy to test it of course :-)