A few suggestions

Apr 1, 2009 at 12:38 AM
First off let me say that I love the idea and the tool (just found it today).  I hate all off the bloat on Sql Studio.  I have not spent a lot of time with the tool yet, but I have really enjoyed what I have seen thus far.  While I have not used the tool long, and trying to keep in mind the overall goal of the tool (minimal), I do have a few suggestions.

1) When selecting a connection that does not contain a password, prompt the user for that password (showing the user name).  I say this because there are certain sql connections that I do not like to store the password with (keeps me from accidentally doing something on a production server).

2) Some type of notification area showing what is going on while a process is executing (ie: sql query, view table).  While I know this can slow down processing, on larger queries it is nice to know what is going on.

3) Some way to stop a query that is being executed.

4) Run the query on a background thread so that one can continue to work in the UI (ie: open another query window and start another query).

5) The ablity to minimize to the system tray (might be lame, but I like to minimize some apps there).

A question that I have: Can a plug-in intercept (or be notified) when a process is complete?  For example, could I create a plug-in that would do something when a query was done executing?
Apr 2, 2009 at 10:14 AM
Thanks for the detailed feedback and questions. I’ll answer in order of difficulty/priority:

The status bar stuff is there – I think I just forgot about making good use of it - Ahem! I know that the lack of knowing that you are connected has been an issue in the past.

Query Execution
Background execution of the query has been on the cards for a long time just not a high priority (again, this is use style driven, i.e. most of my queries are against development tables etc). The ability to cancel the query it falls in the same category, it's been a rare need to date but I will look at adding it as part of the background runner enhancement.
Regarding events on completion etc, that’s easy to add. I would just create an event for Before/After query execution with reference to the executing editor (in turn giving access to the query and results). That would probably be raised via the service manager or host window etc. I’ll have a look.

I can see where you are coming from. Personally almost all my connections use SSPI so I don’t have the password save problem. Probably the easiest way to do it would be a “don’t save the password” option for each connection definition. 
To be honest the connection stuff has always been an issue. I would class it as “passable” but definitely not a good interface – it’s just really basic and gets me by. I think I did it in my “anti-XML” phase. I am over that not but just have not revisited the problem! 

Minimise/Notify Icon
Fairly easy to do but probably won’t make my to-do list. As always a patch is welcome if you are willing (failing that a straight forward snippet of code etc)

Current Activities
I am actually in the middle of refactoring the projects together as some things have changed over time (and the fact that the app is now open source). I will look at these tasks above in the order above but there is no timeframe to it – again, if you have changes you are willing to make let me know. On that, just let me know if you are working on an area and I’ll stay clear of it for a bit! I have had really useful contributions in the past and have put most in but some haven't made it but only becuase I was too busy at the time etc...

Apr 30, 2009 at 5:22 PM

I also agree this is a great tool and has a lot of potential.  I am in the process of researching some other query tools as I am about to build my own.  I plan on using some features from an Oracle Management Tool I wrote in C#.  I got some ideas from Toad.  One option that you may want to consider adding is the ability to store queries / query history.  This is very helpful especially for a developer. 

Great Job and keep up the good work.

May 21, 2009 at 9:06 PM

Hey Paul,

Sorry for disappearing after my post (been busy at work).  I understand completly about use style driven (have a few myself).  A group of us here have been using the tool (instead of sql studio) and really like it.  I have a couple of additions to my list above (from a colleague).

1. When you copy data out of the result table have the ability to include the row headers.  We run lots of queries and then put the results into excel for formatting and delivery to users.  While I know we can export and import into excel, a copy/paste is much easier (and faster).

2. When switching connections, can the DB Inspector not automatically be loaded?  When the application first loads up it uses the last connection used.  If I open a query window and execute a query it works (nothing with the DB Inspector happens).  If I switch connections, the DB Inspector runs and I have to wait on it (when I did not need it).

I'd like to help out.  I can work out the minimise and connections (as xml if that's ok) to start with.  Just let me know if I should work with the current source or wait for an updated post.

May 22, 2009 at 12:25 AM

No worries on vanishing, I do it all the time too!

Nice to see you guys getting a lot out of the tool.

If you want I can add you as a developer (and any others that are interested) and you can make enhancements and check them in. If you are not comfortable with that you can just upload a patch file without being a project member and I can apply it from there. The only thing is that you will need to be tolerant of my code reviews!!

I am actually most of the way through the XML upgrade (no extras yet). I was trying to be user-friendly about it by including and automatic update… If you want to update your repository you are welcome to go ahead with the minimise functionality (just add a work item). If we tread on each others toes we just need to merge nicely.

Shall I add “kdcarlisle” to the project?  PK :-)

May 25, 2009 at 10:30 PM

Hi Kent,

I have added you as a developer and started fleshing out the Setting up a Mini SQL Query Development Environment page.

PK  :-)