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Thank You

Mini SQL Query is written by Paul Kohler (; “paul (at) pksoftware (dot) net”)

Also, a special thanks to Kent Carlsle for his contributions “kdcarlisle (at) gmail (dot) com.”

Mini SQL Query relies on several other 'free/open source' products to pull together a simple but useful SQL working environment. In no particular order, thank you...
  • Mark James, for the Silk icon set (
  • ic#code for the SharpDevelopSharpDevelop project where I get the ICSharpCode.TextEditor from that removes the need for using an plain old textbox (
  • Weifen Luo for his extremely easy to use WinForms docking suite (
  • To the Castle Project ( for the NVelocity text template engine port.
  • To the Ninject ( for the dependency injection container

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